How to Create a Good Info Graphic

Posted by on September 21, 2019

An info graphic is a quick and easy way of telling a story with the combination of words and pictures in an entertaining and engaging fashion. Info graphics are gaining popularity these days among all marketing people as well as viewers. An info graphic possesses ample space for promoting and marketing any of your goods, services, events, cause or business. Info graphics can also be used to illustrate a variety of types of information ranging from the announcement of an event to some statistics visualization.

People all over the world love info graphics. Statistics show that the Google searches for info graphics have increased 25 X in the last five years and are still increasing. Sharing an info graphic is more likely to drive in more traffic to your website as well. With the increase in use of info graphics in marketing stuff, the need for creating good, informative info graphics is also increasing day by day.

A good info graphic is a combination of resonant content and great design. A good info graphic will be the one which describe the proper meaning of the topic. It has enough matter or content to present the information clearly to the users. You can create great, effective infographics that are both informative and inspiring by keeping in mind a few key points. Some of the main key points are as follows:

Clear Design

Keep it simple and clear by using simple graphics that best relate to your info graphic’s content. Your info graphic must be capable of conveying its message at just one glance. Do not use several colors and try to create a connection between the different sections.


Think about the topic that you are going to cover and the audience that you are going to address. Make use of information that is relevant to them and the topic. Before you start, listen what people and experts have to say about that topic. Do a high quality research on the topic and collect useful data for the same.

A Good Concept

The first necessity for all designs or story or film is a concept. It is the basis of your info graphic. So, the first thing that you need to do is to come up with a good concept around which your info graphic will revolve.

Focused data

The content that you use in your info graphic is very important and therefore, you must stick to the highly relevant data from reputed sources. You should be very clear about what you want to communicate to your audience and should keep it to the point.

Audience Specific

Create your info graphic keeping in mind the targeted audience for the same. Your info graphic must be relevant to your specific audience. If you target the specific audience with your infographic then there is every possible chance that your infographic will reach maximum number of people.


Remember most of the people tend to spend just about three to five minutes reading any info graphic. You must be very selective in what information you want to feature in it. Look closely and study your info graphic over and over again. See if you can delete any information that does not add value to your message.


You must start your info graphic with the most important and the most powerful piece of information. This will attract readers and help them get hooked to your info graphic in quick time. Be organized and keep the supporting information somewhere in the middle and conclude with a clearer call to action at the end.


Your info graphic design must be inspired by the topic and data.You can feature photographs and designs that are customized according to the content theme. Memorable info graphics typically use multiple colors. Also, most of the designers prefer curved lines rather than straight lines.

Final Say

Good data when portrayed properly in a vigorously organized manner makes your info graphic look great. The above points will surely help you to create or design a good info graphic. You must make sure that it visual style is excellent and the info graphic says all that you want to say through it.