10 Most Humorous Websites of the World

Posted by on August 22, 2019

Bored? Tired? Lonely? Upset? Heartbroken? Be it anything or any part of the day if you ever need a good laugh, you can open up any of the below mentioned websites. These are indeed going to tickle your funny bone. So, you must watch out the list of some of the most humorous websites of the world. You can watch them out while you are getting bored or feeling lonely. These websites are the biggest entertainers for a person searching for some humor in life.


It is a humor website launched in 2005. Owned by Demand Media the website grew in popularity upon merger with another website, ‘Pointless Waste of Time.’ The website boasts over 300 million monthly page views and had an Alexa (website that ranks other websites based on web traffic) internet ranking of 738 as of 2014. The best part about this page is it is a writing platform for writers and comedians worldwide. It is a platform with writings from over 2500 amateur writers. To read articles like, ‘5 things people mistake for being grown ups’, ‘4 Corporate Logos that Backfired in Hilarious ways’ and many more do check cracked.com.


It is a humor website launched in 1996. Prior to the launch of website the publication was done in a print media since 1988 which ceased in December 2013. It is one of best news satirical website. Apart from satires it covers articles on current events both real and fictional. It even parodies traditional news both national and international. To read satire articles, commentaries, view videos and much more do visit theonion.com. As of 2014, it had an Alexa Internet ranking of 1,957.

People of Walmart

It is a humor website featuring photos of socially awkward and weird customers while shopping in America’s favourite store Walmart. Launched in 2009, it has several funny pictures that will make you laugh uncontrollably.

College Humor

College humor is a humorous website launched in 2000. Owned by IAC(InterActive Corp) and based in Los Angeles the website has excellent videos and articles. As of 2014, it had an Alexa internet ranking of 1,948.


Lamebook is a website that reposts all the funny and humorous posts of the stuff that has already been published on Social Media Platform. The users take up screenshot of the funny things and post it on the website. Launched in 2009, it had an Alexa Internet ranking of 16,107 in 2014.

Funny or Die

Launched in 2007, it is an excellent comedy websites that posts funny videos. Many videos on the website feature popular celebrities like Charlie Sheen, Mila Kunis, Hilary Duff, Jim Carrey and Selena Gomez among several others. It doesn’t follow the usual like or dislike option rather it asks the users to vote it as funny or die.

I am Bored

This website is surely an entertainer with awesome videos, cool pictures and thrilling games. You can enjoy educational stuff, entertainment stuff, and much more to entertain yourself. It will not let you get bored.

Aiming Low

If you’re a mediocre who aims low do check out the website to have some relatable posts. Funny and rib tickling, some posts out there will give you a pain in the tummy!

Texts from Last Night

It is a website that reposts the texts received by users. It has a vast collection of regrettable texts sent or received by the users. From texts sent or received after sex, vomit, breakups or drinking sessions this is indeed one funny blog. It was launched in 2009 and as of 2014 it had an Alexa internet ranking of 47,520.

Fail Blog

Fail Blog has a collection of funny fail videos and pictures. There are even some games available on the website. You can enjoy watching these fail videos and play games online for free on this blog.

Final Words

So, next time you have feel low and lost do open up the above mentioned websites these will surely make you go rolling on the floor laughing. These humorous websites will entertain you in every possible way and will help you in enjoying every moment for which you stay on these websites.